Basic Description

The Scientific Integrity Institute is an independent organization established to deal with matters related to epidemiologic research and scientific integrity. The primary focus is research on weak and/or controversial epidemiologic relationships and the epidemiologic methodology used to measure these relationships. In many cases, these weak relationships have great public health importance because they are assumed to be causal and assumed to apply to large sections of the United States population. However, since they are near the limit of detectability by epidemiologic methodology, they are generally controversial for both scientific and non-scientific reasons. Two examples are the relationship between environmental tobacco smoke and mortality and the relationship between fine particulate air pollution and mortality.
The purpose of this organization is to investigate and describe these relationships as accurately and clearly as possible, using the highest standards of scientific integrity, with an emphasis on transparency and reproducibility. These investigations are done from a unique epidemiologic perspective. They combine my doctoral level training and research experience in the experimental science of physics with my postdoctoral training and extensive research experience in the observational science of epidemiology. They make use of my 35 years of peer-reviewed scientific research experience and my familiarity with and access to important epidemiologic data bases in California and the United States and other epidemiologic resources.
The epidemiologic services include:
1) Original research on weak and/or controversial epidemiologic relationships.
2) Reanalysis of weak and/or controversial epidemiologic relationships.
3) Assessment of the scientific integrity of controversial epidemiologic relationships.

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